Liziz Group of Companies

Liziz is always on the look out to find better ways to do things to provide clients with greater value.


Success has so much to do with a sense of vision - the ability to look forward with confidence and purpose and to reflect with pride on real achievements.The Liziz story charts the evolution of a visionary attitude, a style of business with a responsiveness to changing markets, client needs and times. This started over 25 years ago, when Kumpulan Liziz Sdn Bhd ("Liziz") broke ground for its operations under the name of Syarikat Pembangunan & Pembinaan Liziz Sdn Bhd.


Liziz has since grown from strength to strength over the years and has been involved in a broad range of engineering contracts: - general civil engineering, building and construction works, marine civil engineering, as well as turnkey and specialized civil engineering projects; oil palm plantations.

Whatever the job demands, Liziz delivers. In the process the company has not just created many of the nation's major infrastructure projects, but has formulated the deliver techniques and procedures that have been needed to make them successful.Liziz is not an organization that rests on its past successes. It is constantly evolving, adapting and refining its services, on the lookout for new frontiers and opportunites, fostering and sustaining ongoing relationships with clients and partners.

Today, Liziz is a strong, stable group of companies, peopled by professionals of vision and significant skills.

These accomplishments stem from a very simple philosophy. We're dedicated at all times to do the best job we possibly can - to perform, to deliver and to exceed expectations. Everything we build is aimed toward making us a better Company, and a better Malaysia, both locally and internationally.

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